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A very original and interesting three train quarter chiming iron ting-tang. Truly a one-off special  Whitehaven clock. Dated 1744, this

clock is fully illustrated inside Brian Loomes book ' Clockmakers of Northern England ' and the dial is also shown on the front cover

A wonderfully original 30-hour longcase clock by Richard Savage. Dating around c1720 the clock is housed in its original fabulous early country oak case with attatched barley twist pillars. Very desirable!


A wonderfully original  late 17th century single-handed 10-inch square dial hook-and-spike wall clock signed Richard Savage de Salop. Amazing original and untouched condition throughout!   Sold

Thomas Royle Ting-Tang dated 1744

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The interesting early 18th century hook-and-spike wall clock Illustrated here is very attractive.   Dating from around c1720 the polished dial centre has a wonderfully naive engraving of four birds within a loose foliage design and may well have been engraved by the clockmaker himself.  Sold

Richard Savage Hook-and Spike c1695

8-inch Hook-and-Spike c1720 

Richard Savage hooded wall clock c1685

A very rare hooded-wall clock dating from c1685. The original primitive oak hood with tulip theme brackets is simply stunning! A wonderful provenance this is an important Richard Savage clock.  Sold



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Richard Savage 30-hour longcase c1720

Gilkes Hook-and-Spike wall clock c1740

A wonderfully complete and original single-handed hook-and-spike wall clock by Gilkes of Adderbury. It was probably made by Richard Gilkes around c1740.  Sold


A rare Victorian turret clock by W.H. Bailey of  Salford, Manchester. This is a particularly interesting clock in that it is not only a very original and complete example throughout, but it also has a wonderfully historical and known provenance attached to it.


A wonderfully historical and exceptionally original early Arts and Crafts wall clock. Made of massive and heavy duty proportions the clock is of the highest of quality and has a fabulous and most interesting/amazing provenance. Made by the man who was put in charge of building the Great Westminster Clock (Big Ben).


Below are some very Rare and Original clocks from my collection being offered

For Sale/Swap/PX to make way for some very early examples in the pipe line!