he dial illustrated here is most interesting. It is clearly 'Wigton School ' and is signed Redge Buckell, Skelton Fecit.  Skelton is near Wigton and Buckell has almost certainly engraved the signature and date calendar himself.  He has also included the word 'Fecit', so we must assume that Redge Buckell  had something to do with the making of the clock, since we can only go by the actual evidence that survives. Note the half-quarter divisions with meeting arrowheads on the outside edge of the chapter ring.  Dating from around c1698, it was discovered by Dr William Linnard  (Author of Wales: Clocks and Clockmakers, published by Mayfield books 2003), and although only the dial has survived - it is a very rare and exciting find. The  engraved Religous verse 'Remember Man That Die Thou Must, And After That to Judgment Just ' is typical of the 'Wigton School '. Redge Buckell is an unrecorded maker, but hopefully illustrating this dial may bring other examples of his work to light.Research tells us that there is very little known about Redge Buckell himself. There are however, several members of the Buckell family (also spelt Buckle),  mentioned in the Skelton Wills and parish registers during the late 17th century.


   he discovery of this dial only helps to further our education and give us even more insight into the early Cumberland Clockmakers who were either working for - or were somehow connected to ' The Wigton School of Clockmaking'.




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' Remember Man that Die thou must '

' And after that to Judgement Just '


edge Buckell

Skelton, Fecit c1698

BUD 3 (1) BUD 23

howing a close up of  the dial centre which is typically ' 'Wigton School '




   he interesting dial shown here suggests to me that Redge Buckell may have bought the dial in from ' The 'Wigton School ' workshop with the religious verse already engraved and then Buckell has finished it off by signing the chapter ring and engraving around the date calendar himself. The clock was probably sold to one of Buckells Quaker or non conformist clients in the Skelton area.







edge Buckell,



Skelton Fecit







igned Redge Buckell Skelton Fecit '




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