superb, early 30-hour wall-on-Bracket clock by Richard Sill  of Wigton dating from  c1705. There is a religious verse to the dial centre, that reads ' Remember Man Die thou Must ' and After that to judgement just'. It has a penny moon in the upper dial centre which is a rare feature on these early Wigton clocks. The large brass and iron lantern movement is typical Wigton School, being very solid and heavy in construction. It is thought that many of theses early Wigton clocks were originally sold caseless at local markets where the new owner had the option to either case the clock straight away or just put it onto a simple and cheap wall bracket - where it sat until  the owner could afford to buy a longcase for it - in the fashion of the day !


  t is not known when Richard Sill began working as a clockmaker in Wigton, we do know that he was working  from a very early date, and records  show that he married a local girl there in 1704. He was a member of 'The Wigton School '.  He died at Wigton in 1729.  The clock sits on it's  primitive oak wall bracket.  




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RL 22





' Remember Man Die thou Must '

' And after that to Judgement Just '

ichard Sill

Wigton Fecit, c1705

S 4


RL 33 RL 99


howing the wonderfully busy dial centre



howing  Richard Sill's early signature.


Wall Clock

ichard Sill, 30-hour